Different Types of Animation and What They Are Used for
August 26, 2023
September 5, 2023

How is Animation Use in Advertising

Ever wonder where animations come from? While watching Disney Animations, have you ever wondered about animation history? You’ve come to the right place.

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A Brief History of Animation and Advertisement

The first animation slipped through history’s fingers. However, a thousand of years old painting series has been found on hollow walls made by cavemen. These paintings tell a story in a specific order, which is animated art. In fact, the oldest animation professionally made, that still exists today, is a short animation by French filmmaker Émile Cohl, published in 1908. Hence, Animation was born in France. The first long animated movie is The Adventures of Prince Ahmed produced by Lotte Reiniger, which was finally published in 1926 after three years of hard work.

Before television, people were only familiar with writings and paintings on the wall, fliers and posters, town heralds, and other primary advertisement forms. The rise of TV allowed for a more immersive experience than traditional forms of advertising. It captured viewer’s attention with audio and visuals and also engages them with stories and characters. Imagine watching television the very first time in the dawn of technology, and seeing an animation prompting you to buy a product. How impressed would you be?

Television popularity began in 1940 when it became extremely desirable in America. Suddenly, people became interested in this little magic box full of wonders, and of course, all the influencing content it brought. For the first time, a commercial was aired on TV in 1941. This ad was a 10-second video promoting the Bulova Watch Company and it cost less than 10 dollars to create, and it received thousands of views from New Yorkers. This marked the beginning of a revolution in advertising, and soon other companies were jumping on board. This laid the foundation for modern television and its powerful influence on culture and society.

TV gave us all sorts of ads with cool animations. These display ads were so fun and had a huge impact. It made it easier for companies to reach a larger audience, and create a more personal connection with the brand.

A Brief History of Animation and Advertisement

24 of The Best Animation Ads

Nowadays, not many people read long texts. Whether it is an informative article or an advertisement. Animated videos are a great way to convey a message quickly and effectively. They can also be used to create engaging content that will keep viewers interested and hooked. Animated videos are also an effective way to capture and retain the attention of a target audience.

These are some of the best animation commercials:

  1. Matches: An Appeal. is the first animated commercial. Arthur Melbourne Cooper made it in 1899. This memorable ad motivated people to buy matches and send them to soldiers working overseas. The commercial convinced the crowd that by purchasing those matches they would support British soldiers.
  2. Nespresso on ice. This animated ad is 30 seconds long showing a lady enjoying her time with a glass of Nespresso coffee with ice on a hot summer vacation. Watching this ad is delightful and it did a great job in conveying the feeling of refreshment and relaxation that the product can bring.
  3. Android: Be Together, Not the Same. This beautifully made and written animated commercial is based on the Rock, Paper, Scissor game. It’s a short story that. At first, it’s a paper that tries to make friends but gets bullied by other papers. Suddenly, there is a pair of scissors that helps it out and they become friends. Then they see rocks hurt a small rock and this time the paper helps the rock. Now rock, paper, and scissors are good friends. This ad became very popular because of the meaningful message it carried. It shows everyone that we can be different and use various products and services and be together.
  4. John Lewis: The bear and the hare. This animation is two minutes long by John Lewis. It tells an emotional story about a bear and a hare’s friendship. It was released for the 2013 Christmas and was considered the most effective and memorable animated ad. When winter arrives, the bear has to say goodbye to his dear friend and fall into a long sleep. While everyone is getting ready for Christmas the hare is missing his friend. The bear wakes up on Christmas morning to the John Lewis clock alarm that the hare left for him as a Christmas present. They unite beautifully. The audience is left feeling sentimental and moved by the story. The ad was a huge success and a demonstration of the power of storytelling and animation. It showed that a simple story could evoke strong emotional reactions.
  5. McDonald’s mobile app launch: It is a musical video that lasts 35 seconds. The colors, story, and music used in this animation are very engaging and capture the viewer’s attention. It shows that ordering food from McDonald’s mobile app is easy and accessible to everyone at any time. It’s worth watching again.
  6. June: “Life is better when you share the ride” This 7-minute-long animated ad is about an elderly grandmother who accidentally becomes interested in Lyft driving. She didn’t trust Lyft before but now she makes friends and enjoys driving at the same time. She picks up passengers on the streets and online. One snowy night, her car got stuck in the mud. People around get notified and come to help their beloved Lyft driver as soon as possible. This ad shows compassion and love in society. It is heartwarming!
  7. Starbucks: Why does Starbucks blend coffee? The next brand with an influential animated ad is Starbucks. In this short animation, we learn about why this famous brand combines coffee in this animation commercial. Their clever choice of music and animated pictures help make this ad shine.
  8. Anthem- Heinz no sugar added ketchup. Here’s a fun one-minute well made animated video. which a girl sings and convinces us to apply Heinz no sugar added ketchup to our everyday meals like spaghetti, burgers, pizza, etc. Many people watch this animated ad as entertainment like a Disney animation as a result of its fascinating production!
  9. Slack- Work, simplified. This video shows the transformation of one’s daily routine. Their life changes from complicated to well-planned routine perfectly. The occupation at the beginning of this animation makes you feel stressed but then, Slack changes everything. We can only hear music throughout the commercial. When I think of a persuasive and highly convincing ad, Slack, Work, simplified comes to my mind with no doubt.
  10. Cadbury Crème egg: They are here! This ad is a combination of funny and frightening! We watch some eggs scaring a poor innocent egg. This brand has several animated ads including Crème.
  11. Coca-Cola: Happiness factory. This brilliant commercial was released in 2006 in the Netherlands. A customer puts a coin in a vending machine to buy a bottle of Coca Cola and the journey begins! As children would like to think, a magical wonderland exists inside this machine. It is called the happiness factory. We watch the soda being made, poured into a bottle, and cooled by funny imaginary characters. This immediately makes you thirsty for Coca-Cola!
  12. Lifebuoy- Bish Bash Bosh Bacteria. This ad came out during the pandemic for Covid 19. It introduces a sanitizer gel for hands. The animation is 30 seconds long showing us that we come across bacteria every day! Most objects in the gym, taxi, mall, etc. are unclean and infected. All the images used in this animation inform people of the importance of sanitizer. So Bish Bash Bosh it and sterilize your hands!
  13. Childline: Nobody is Normal. The story begins tragically when the main character has to cover his true self. He compulsorily wears a mask to school every day. Unfortunately, he believes that he is obligated to look like everybody else. In the end, it reveals that all the kids at school have been hiding their real versions as well. Everybody is happier as soon as they take off the masks.
  14. Swiggy: The fastest food delivery in town. The next animated ad on our list promotes fast delivery service. This brand uses exceedingly simple but effective animation and it calls the delivery your “savior”. We can see a delivery person on the bike while the benefits of this brand and its delivery service are being explained.
  15. WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. The ad exhibits some people chatting on their phones using WhatsApp, in the course of 30 seconds. The main message of this advert is the safety provided by this app. You are assured of how secure this application is and that your data and conversations are protected. The commercial solely concentrates on a single element of a good social media platform. The bottom line is clear and perfectly targeted toward the audience.
  16. Paper Boat presents Hope, The Boat. This 4-minute animation is a complete movie. It has received millions of views from all around the world. It starts with a young boy dreaming about a cruise ship. Then out he makes a paper boat and leaves it to swim in the trough. The little boat suddenly comes to life. We witness it going through the difficulties of life. In the end, after surviving all the challenges, he finally unites with his creator. It watches the little boy cruising on the glorious boat. This animation is filled with feelings and passion. It shows people to go after their dreams and stay hopeful, and in the meantime, it promotes mango juice!
  17. Wimbledon: In Pursuit of Greatness. Some people believe that we are living in the greatest era of tennis. This animated ad demonstrates the statement rather well. The audience watches amazing professional athletes playing on the field. Meanwhile, it is comprehensible that so many people are involved in a tennis match like the audience, camera crew, and all the people working in the club. It’s a complete and beautiful world!
  18. Slack Teams Do Amazing Things “Animals”. This animation has had mind-blowing views over the years. It displays animals working in an office and taking over different responsibilities. “All kinds of people, on all kinds of teams.” This Is the slogan that is displayed via this animation. “You slack to do amazing things.” On top of that, there is a very funny blooper animation for the same ad presenting us behind the scenes!
  19. Oreo: Wonderfilled. Seriously, what happens if you give a wolf an Oreo? According to this lovely musical animation, an Oreo can change the wild nature of a wolf, vampire, etc. It can make them sweet, nice, and friendly. This animated ad is beyond beautiful!
  20. Dropbox: build the future of Dropbox with us. This newly published short animated ad is thoroughly informative. All your questions about this business will be answered by the end of the commercial. The lines are well written and the animated art contributes to its eminence.
  21. Argos: Aliens garden advert. The 40 seconds long animated ad was published over a decade ago. It is about a family of aliens living happily on planet Earth. They are enjoying their holidays using Argos products. The characters are super funny and charming and there is no way you would not fall in love with them! Creativity authentically catches the eye!
  22. Money Supermarket: Action man (2018). “What is your status? Over.” Asked the lady. “I just saved a Money Supermarket. And now I feel EPIC.” Answers Action Man. In this hilarious motion advert Action Man and the other soldiers are dancing to the song Finally. Then the air forces, athletes, astronauts, and others join our dancing team! Their movements and facial expressions are exceedingly funny. This ad promotes the company flawlessly by offering people to save money using this service.
  23. British gas homecare advert. Here is another British animated ad on our list to blow your mind away. Seems like the lovely family is facing some troubles at home. Everything is freezing because of the cold weather. Consequently, their world is turning upside down until the British Gas Service comes and saves the day. They have delivered the message in such a short and beneficial animated ad.
  24. Zomato Animated Commercial. “Feeling hungry? Don’t want to go outside?” last but not least, throughout half a minute we learn about this food delivery service app. It illustrates superbly how you can order food from any restaurant whenever and wherever. The animation is exquisitely simple and short and liberates the idea!
Best Animation Ads

Animation on Web

Ever been entertained by an animation when scrolling down a web page? Plenty of websites, from personal to business pages, use animation these days. An animation must at least have one main purposeful theme such as informative, entertaining, persuasive, and advertisement. Animation on the web helps get more views and makes the web page profoundly more interesting.

Reasons to Add Animation to Web

There are various reasons for web owners and people in the business to use animation on their webs. Here are the bold ones.

  1. Animation helps make the content more understandable. Finding a visually appealing animation among a long text helps the reader comprehend the blog much easier. In general, animations are not complicated whatsoever and everyone of any age or educational background can understand the message.
  2. Animation helps get more views. Statistics show that web pages with animation achieve approximately 30 percent more views.
  3. Animation helps create more attractive content. Despite what some people might think, Animation has no age. Adults can find themselves intrigued by an animated and watching it on repeat. Animation is a modern art form that is quite pleasing to the eyes and nobody can deny that.
  4. Animations make a web page more professional. An efficient and qualified web page must include different kinds of content. Experienced web owners know to engage different people with diverse interests and backgrounds. That’s when animation comes in handy.

Google ads

Your potential customers are constantly searching for your services and products on Google. If you are exposed to these users with suitable keywords and at the right time and place, you will attract more customers to your business. This advertising method is currently one of the most popular marketing strategies among service businesses as well as online stores. The payment method for Google ads is pay-per-click (or impression).

Google search ads not only increase your website traffic but this advertising method can also be used for branding and introducing your trademark to different users. It has made it possible to change the amount of sales and attract your audience in the shortest time by paying the lowest cost.

This type of adverting increases sales and branding, it gives the option to choose what parts of the world you need an audience from and determines the place and time of the show. You can specify elements such as specific demographic characteristics such as age range, gender, location of the user, ad display time, and display on websites with specific topics.

By choosing Google ads for promoting your brand or company, you can get constant feedback. It gives the option to create ads for multiple sites. It’s also accessible and anyone looking to benefit their brand by introducing a product or service can choose Google ads.

Types of Google Ads

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Video ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Performance Max ads
  • App ads
  • Discovery ads
  • Local ads
  • Smart ads
  • Local Services Ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads

What factors affect Google ads’ function?

  • number of impressions: How many views an advertisement gets.
  • click rate: How many of those people viewing the ad click on it?
  • conversion: What percentage of users have become customers or members of your site after clicking on the ad?
  • Site traffic indicators: This factor is about how visitors come across a Google ad.

What Are Display Ads?

Display advertising is one type of Google advertising. It uses visual elements such as banners, videos, or motion to advertise a brand. Some various types of display ads are banner ads, interactive Content animations, native ads, video content, lightbox display ads, expanding ads, and infographics.

Different sizes and locations that are available for display ads are leader board, half banner, standard banner, square pop-up, square, vertical banner, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, vertical rectangle, button, and mobile leader board.

Disadvantages of Display Ads

  • People don’t like ads.
  • Display ads have little chance to be effective.
  • They have low click and conversion rates.

Web Banner and Its Types

Web banners are simply banners displayed on the web. They are images, videos, animation, and other display forms embedded in web pages Just like real-life billboards that you see on the street, they may have different sizes and layouts, presentations, formats, and messages. Most companies use them in one shape or another. They are cost-effective, measurable, and effective to increase brand awareness.

Animated web banners

Having realized how useful animation on the web can be, let’s discuss advertisement. One of the most advantageous types of advertising that is becoming more popular is using web banners. A moving ad stands out!

Motion Banner Ads are one common option for banner ads besides photos, videos, gifs, etc. These Moving animated banners help inform and get the audience’s attention on a product, service, or event. They often process by storytelling and developing characters. Motion and animated ads are known to be the most eye-grabbing and absorbing type of advertisement in general. They are only a few seconds long and inform the audience about the product directly and as fast as possible.

Animated banner adverts are usually practical around holidays, special events, and specific times of the year like Christmas.

Here you can see some of the best and most successful moving banner ads.

  1. Spooky Halloween! The Halloween theme certainly doesn’t distract us from 20 percent off the ad. This commercial gets the right audience with a professional and simple method.
  2.  A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner! An attractive dark theme with two hands clinking glasses displays the holiday accurately.
  3.  Elegant Home For Rent! In this motion advert, we can see a moving image of a house. The ad says 30 percent off for summer rent. It delivers the ad delightfully.
  4. Believe In A Little Miracle! In this gif, we watch a woman inside a blooming flower. The ad is announcing a giveaway for Women’s Day. It gives us a sense of women’s day right away.
  5. Tea Herbs: Happy Easter! In this lovely animated gif, there is a cute bunny behind the leaves. There are Easter eggs in front of him and the ad wishes us a happy Easter.

Animated HTML5 Banners

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language used to create web pages. HTML5 banners are the ones made by HTML5 which is the latest version of HTML and they can be created using special tools. These elements could be used to make banners.

HTML5 banners must be less than 15 seconds. They often operate and influence the audience in the first impression. The difference between these banners and normal banners is that they include more visual elements.

Using these banners, you can give your customer a thorough sense of what you are offering. In one sight, they learn about your product or service and they can decide whether or not to refer to your brand or company.

Why HTML5 Banners?

  1. There are no restrictions on the use of colors in these ads despite other forms of banners.
  2. HTML5 provides a high-quality display.
  3. It uses professional animation instead of basic animation.
  4. They are compatible with all display devices.
  5. They are useful and more effective in communication with users.
  6. They are short and not time-consuming and do not bore the audience.
  7. They are affordable.
Best Animation Ads

TV Commercials

Television advertising is one of the oldest methods of branding in the world, since television was opened to people’s homes, television advertising was also created, but Internet advertising is a new and relatively new method. Although this method has a history of more than 15 years, advertising in the virtual space and the Internet has less history than television.

For more than seven decades, TV commercials have been popular and beneficial for brands and trademarks. Today, there is at least one television in every house. TV advertisement has different forms such as commercials, sponsorship, subtitle, and product placement on TV shows.

If only the number of contacts is important to you, you can advertise both on the Internet and TV in such a way that you are seen properly. But the advantage that Internet advertising has over TV is the possibility of targeted and intelligent advertising that makes your ad seen by your target group.

Advantages of TV Commercials

  1. It covers a wide range of audiences. Advertising on TV is a good option for informing on a wide level, targeting mass audiences, and increasing market share.
  2. It helps engage all 5 senses of the audience. By using the elements of sound and music, movement, images, and stories, television advertisements target the different senses of the audience, such as vision, hearing, and emotions, and this increases their impact.
  3. It shows how the product works. In television commercials, usually how a product works or its benefit is well depicted for the audience and it is much easier than other types of advertisements to encourage and convince the audience to buy it.

Disadvantages of TV Commercials

  1. It is very expensive. Television is almost the most expensive channel for advertising.
  2. It is not purposeful. Your ad on TV will be shown to a large audience of all ages, and there is no segmentation. Therefore, we cannot count on it to precisely target our ideal audience.
  3. It is non-interactive. Television is a one-way and non-interactive medium; That is, your ad is broadcast on TV, but can the audience take the desired action from behind the TV?
  4. It is ignored. TV commercials are sometimes ignored. People might change the channel or turn the TV off as soon as commercials pop up. Although, an interesting ad can change everything!
  5. No feedback. There is no possibility to measure and optimize it. In TV advertising, you cannot accurately scale the results and the succession rate of the campaign, nor can you change it very easily.
  6. Some of The Best TV commercials
  7. Bear Fight by John West Salmon
  8. The Little Duck by Disney
  9. Goat 4 Sale by Doritos
  10. Whassup! by Budweiser
  11. Puppy Love by Budweiser
  12. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like by Old Spice
  13. I Shipped My Pants by K-Mart
  14. Dumb Ways to Die by Metro Line
  15. Meow Mix Cat Food by Meow Mix
  16. Mama Tests T Mobile’s 5G Network by T Mobile
  17. Cream vs. Cookie by Oreo
  18. Give Me a Break by Kit Kat
  19. Plop Plop Fizz Fizz by Alka-Seltzer
  20. Mean Joe Greene by Coca Cola


Animation Commercial on TV

An animated advertisement is a short video that promotes a product or service provided by a company. It is known to be one of the most creative and entertaining commercial methods with a high chance of benefiting the trademark.

As we have concluded, television is a great device for advertisement, and one of the best advertisement forms is animation. So why not bring the two together? From the beginning of the invention of the magic box, animations were displayed in every house all over the world. Some businesses take this opportunity to promote their trademark.

What better way to make a message visually memorable than motion images?

At long last, Animation means bringing thoughts to life. It is a modern art form. however, it has a long history among humans.

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create the illusion of movement. The most common way to present animation is as a movie or video program. Inside the advertising industry, GIF animations are quite popular as well.

In simple terms; Animation means giving life to our imagination. Animation is not just used for entertainment, it has different uses and is a broad term itself. Some of the fields of animation are education, advertising, scientific visualization, creative arts, games, and eventually advertisement.

A good and professionally made animation can introduce and brand and convince people to learn more and possibly become customers. Animation finds the right audience and influences anyone of any age and background. It is an art form with no limitations.