2D Animation

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2D Animation Use Cases



With it’s endless potential for entertainment, 2D animation captivates audiences of all ages with its vibrant pictures, imaginative characters, and fascinating narrative. Whether it’s a TV show, an animated movie, or a web series, 2D animation is always a fun direction to give your audience an enjoyable experience.



Animated explainer videos are ideal for educating, increasing brand awareness, and boosting conversions because they clarify complex concepts. The appealing graphics, simple narration, and dynamic motion work wonders for keeping viewers’ attention.

Advertising and Marketing


Advertising that uses animation stands out in a competitive market by producing cost-effective, yet distinctive and compelling material that uses creativity, humor, and emotional appeal to convey messages and help brands connect with their target audience.

Our process is easy peasy

First things first, ideas turn into a script!

Concepts are the initial designs. Our concepts for different characters and environments are mapped out before the results are designed and brought to life

This is when the script is planned using a sequence of drawings and pictures.

This is the Animatic of the video, made out of simple drafts.

This is where your character and environment concepts become designed

The designs that were created then go through the process of rigging and are brought to life when they are animated.

A series of everything that was created previously turns into a series of individual frames that make up the animated film. 

Why Motion and Potion Animation Studio?

Why Motion and Potion Animation Studio?



In the world of animation, the only limit is one’s imagination. We tackle each project with the proper perspective and breathe life into stories.



Each project is unique. Motion and Potion offers customized animation solutions that align with your vision, target audience, and budget, and ensure that you receive a product that is made just for you.



We believe in constant interactions and collaboration. Throughout every step of the creative process, your input is valued to ensure transparency and peace of mind.



We are motivated by an ambition to bring about experiences that are both captivating and highly effective.

And our Production is lemon squeezy!

And our Production is lemon squeezy!


1. Concept Development

2. Scriptwriting

3. Storyboarding

4. Character Design

5. Environment and Background Design

6. Animatic


1. Layout

2. Character Animation

3. Special Effects

4. Clean-Up


1. Scanning and Digitization

2. Compositing

3. Sound Design

4. Final Output

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It completely depends on the style and length of your project. One minute of 2D animation takes up to 2 weeks to make and one minute of 3D production takes up to 3 to 4 weeks to make.

There are as many solutions as there are businesses! No one style is necessarily superior to another. It depends on your brand, audience, niche, and message. If you’re lost in the vast world of animated videos and don’t know which to choose, you can contact us and we will discuss your goals and ideas and the best way to bring them to the screens.

Generally, people tend to watch videos rather than read texts. And videos get shared more compared to other forms of content. Compared to live-action videos, animated videos are more cost-efficient and economic too.

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Of course, If you send us a script, we’ll look it over and offer you feedback on how well it fits the goals you have in mind. If you have an idea, just share it with us and we’ll write the best script, representing your idea properly.

Style, run-time/length, and deadlines (how quickly you need it done) are just a few of the many variables that affect our service prices.