September 5, 2023
types of animation in advertising
October 10, 2023


Have you ever been amazed by a casual animation on social media and then realized that it was, in fact, a commercial? A funny or sophisticated video that gets you interested in a product, service, or event? Like all the ones you have watched online, animated ads stick to the mind and influence the audience like no other kind of commercial. From Oreos to project sunroofs to Toyota advertisements, animation captures the attention of the audience and possible buyers. Honestly, what other kind of commercial would get the people of today’s industrious world to stop and reflect on an ad?

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Web Ads and Its Types

One style of advertisement that advances the trademark using the internet is web advertisement. It is also known as digital or online advertising. It has so many shapes and forms such as display ads, digital marketing, email marketing, social media advertising, etc. This method of brand promotion is fast, affordable, pliant, easy, and known to be the best way of broadcasting. One of the most powerful, persuasive, and brand-new types of web ads is animation commercials.

When you plan to manage ads, you need to see in which platforms or environments you can reach your target audience more and expose your ads there to be well in the eyes of potential customers. These days, most people spend a lot of time on social networks or surfing the web in the online world. The ability to connect mobile phones to these platforms has made them go to their mobile phones at any hour of the day, during dead hours, during waiting times, even when they are working or communicating with loved ones, and try to spend their time in online environments.

Web Ads and Its Types

Why Do Brands and Companies Use Digital Marketing?

With the mind-blowing development in the area of technology, marketers have more reasons to replace timeworn advertising methods with further modern ones. Nowadays billboard commercials are still on brand, but do they achieve as much audience as the commercial that you have recently watched on your phone?

There are various reasons why web ads have become so popular among brand holders and business people. Here are some:

Audience. Before anything else, web ads are legitimately more likely to reach worldwide customers. People from all around the globe observe and hear different commercials on multiple platforms and correspondingly become absorbed in the product or service. Viewers sometimes find themselves intrigued by something provided in a casual advertisement that had never even realized they required.

Creativity options. The level of creativity and ingenuity offered in web ads are not remotely available in other methods. There is no restriction on web commercials. Sellers can only turn their imaginative and inventive ideas of their product into a real visionary ad using a method like this. Ultimately, the commercial will find its way to those interested or in need.

More access to users. Another reason for marketers to consider digital marketing and forget about old traditional ways is the fact that these days anyone from any corner of the world has access to the internet and its benefits of it.

Other reasons. Providing useful and practical information to customers, the possibility of reporting, targeting electronic advertising, and the ability to share are other factors that encourage business people to pick web advertising.

Affordability. Last but not least, they are financially more efficient. If you are looking for the best way of promoting your brand with the lowest price in the 21st century, the answer for you is a web advertisement


What Is an Animated Advertisement?

One of the most methodical and systematic types of web ads is animated advertisement. In simple words, an animated advertisement is a short video that promotes a product or service provided by a company. It is known to be one of the most creative and entertaining commercial methods with a high chance of benefiting the trademark. They always result in a high level of attention and benefit for the brand. These types of modern advertisements are usually seen on social media, television, and basically every media channel, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Reasons to Use Animated Advertisement

These memorable short videos will provide complicated information in a simple and understandable way for the target market not only to understand but also to enjoy and appreciate. They can deliver information, help you understand why you need a certain product, and encourage you to learn more about the product or service. They often engage minds through lively storytelling which adds to how attention-grabbing these advertisements can be. It is the kind of ad that will stick to your mind for the rest of the day.

This fresh strategy of marketing has an unbelievable influence like no other advertising method has ever offered. It is visual and sometimes auditory and therefore touches people’s senses with remarkable art values. Animated ads are affordable and yet, they reach so many viewers from all around the world who would most possibly become intrigued by your provided product, service, or event.

Also, they are more fun!

In this blog, we will discuss animated advertisements on the well-liked platforms mentioned above.

Animated Facebook Ads

Do you believe that Facebook is dead? Is your account covered with dirt and old memories? Well, you’re probably the only one because this application still has breathtakingly high numbers of users and viewers. To begin with, here are some statistics about the number one top social media platform in the world. Facebook has approximately 3 billion users. Most of which use Facebook monthly. 2.3 billion of these users are online each day and 68 percent of all the users log in daily. Ads on Facebook have the potential to reach almost 33 percent of adults on Earth!

Take a deep breath and stay with me. The platform is alive and pretty much as viral as the rest of social media applications these days. That being clear, it is a suitable network for advertising your business and the good news is: animated ads are not only available on Facebook but they reach a much higher audience according to Facebook statistics. Besides, advertising is affordable and targets the perfect audience.

Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm can always challenge your connection with fans. But Facebook’s precise targeting features allow you to reach your target audience. This means that Facebook ads can deliver your message to those who are most likely to need your products or services.

LinkedIn Animated Ads

LinkedIn is considered a professional social network in the field of work and even job search. In this social network, you can create a profile for yourself, list your work history and skills, communicate with other people, and even search for the job you want. There are nearly 1 billion users on LinkedIn. It may not be the most popular platform at the moment but has numerous viewers and users online.

Most of these users are between 20 and 35 years old. This can be used as an advantage and certain kinds of products can reach the most expected level of attention on LinkedIn. What platform could be more useful for your business than one of the biggest marketing network services in the world? LinkedIn ads allow you to be featured on target users’ feeds, sidebars, and personal messages. Currently, LinkedIn allows you to create four types of advertising campaigns. You can choose one of them according to the purpose of the campaign and the content.

Promote your content with targeted native advertising. With content advertising on LinkedIn, you can: Publish your content where it is most likely to be seen by LinkedIn visitors. Target your audience based on detailed and classified data. Get quality leads, connect with customers, and increase your brand awareness.

Your brand awareness will increase, users’ attention will be attracted to click on the landing page, you will attract more followers for your company, you will receive more views and clicks from desktop, tablet, and mobile, and you will get valid leads from LinkedIn. Send targeted messages directly to those who care most about your business. By sending promotional messages on LinkedIn, you can create new interactions by sending personalized messages, reaching the audience that your business cares about, and measuring the messages sent to the target audience with A/B testing.

Animated videos and gifs can be posted on LinkedIn now unlike before. Marketers can sponsor posts and create their own animated ads using Campaign Manager. They are considered to be extremely persuasive in communicating content on this app.

Animated Instagram Ads

Last but not least, Gen Z’s favorite social media platform, Instagram, is amazingly growing and improving by the second. It is offering more options and therefore it is providing more possibilities for users. From images and videos to gifs and reels and long videos, Instagram is for all. It has nearly 2.5 billion users and is quite popular in most countries so no worries in the area of getting the appropriate audience. Unbelievably unique qualities are being added to Instagram which have never been proposed by any platforms before.

On average, in the main feed of each Instagram business account, 48.9% of posts are photos, 31.8% are videos, and 19.3% are rails. It’s notable that the percentage of video posts almost doubled from 16.3% last year. If you’re still only focusing on photos when posting to Instagram, it might be time to update your content strategy. 35% of Instagram users will buy from this platform in 2023. 15% of people do their online shopping searches on Instagram. Instagram accounts for 7.51% of web traffic referrals from social media. Interesting choice gen z!

The potential audience for advertising on reels is about 758.5 ​​million users. Feed ads can reach 1.32 billion and stories ads can reach 996 million. This number is expected to change next year, as in-rails advertising will become a major marketing activity.

All the facts above, gathered from dependable sources, accurately prove that if you’re thinking about broadcasting your brand, Instagram needs to be on top of your list. The existing variety on this app makes it exceedingly special. There are people from different parts of the planet with different ages and completely contrasting backgrounds and cultures who might come across a commercial, changing both their lives and the marketers’.

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Is Animated Advertising What We Are Looking for?

As time passes by, technology is changing rapidly, and consequently, so is the world around us. This results in every industry systematically and economically. Ways of life are constantly upgrading and strategies are being replaced by easier, faster, and more accessible facilities and objects. Businesses are more likely to face challenges and difficulties if they do not go with the stream.

Animation is a set of graphic tricks that creates the illusion of movement in the mind of the audience. It is one of the most absorbing and aesthetic forms of art which is still an emerging field. Animation is becoming more and more demanding in the market and is unquestionably very advantageous for any brand. A character can change the game for a whole company.

Advertisement is a crucial and basic part of every company and organization. As new methods are being introduced and applied in the market, old ones lose application. Therefore, Sellers and trademarks should look for more innovative ways to benefit their businesses and to be able to compete with the other ones. There is a very tough competition and a single wrong mistake can throw a brand holder off the track. No matter if you are providing a product, service, or event. Advertisement is always one of the most essential steps of a corporation. In order to win the contest, every step matters.

Having the option to promote a brand in the most remarkable way sounds like an accomplishment that is achievable using animated ads! Can you picture it?