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January 6, 2024
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Motion Graphics vs Animation: Everything You Need to Know

In visual storytelling, motion graphics and animation often get thrown around interchangeably. While both involve creating moving images, there’s a clear distinction between motion graphics vs animation. To unravel this comparison, let’s learn more about different types of animated visualization and when to deploy each effectively.

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What is Motion Graphic Design?

Motion graphic design, or motion graphics, is a dynamic blend of graphic design and animating techniques. It transforms static elements into visuals that engage and inform audiences.

Designers employ various tools and techniques, from typography and illustration to 3D modeling and particle effects. They craft different visuals, from explainer animations in eLearning to social media graphics.

What is Animation?

Animation is an art form that transforms static images into moving elements. It’s a powerful tool for storytelling and engaging audiences in worlds beyond our imagination. It encompasses various techniques, from hand-drawn visuals to modern computer-generated imagery (CGI), so animation projects could be called animated CG projects.

Also, It finds applications in various fields, from educational, such as medical animation, to product design, marketing and user interfaces. 

2D and 3D animations provide interactive experiences. Its ability to create stunning visuals can shape our understanding of the world around us!

What is Animation

The Difference Between Motion Graphics and Animation

While both involve creating moving images, their primary purpose and objectives differ.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison of motion graphics vs animation:


One of the main differences between these visualization methods is production pricing. Motions are typically more cost-effective than animated CG projects due to their simpler production process.

They often utilize readily available graphics, fonts, and stock footage. This reduces the need for extensive creative and technical resources.

In contrast, animated projects involve more complex techniques, harder character design, and detailed backgrounds.

This leads to higher production costs and requires:

  • Specialized software
  • Skilled animators
  • Longer production time


Motion graphics and animation offer diverse styles and techniques. Motions excel at utilizing abstract shapes, typography, and interactive elements.

On the other hand, animated visuals use traditional hand-drawn, 2D vector, 3D CGI, and stop-motion techniques.


Unlike animation projects, motions typically have shorter production timelines, often completed within weeks or even days. This expedited pace is attributed to their simpler nature and reliance on existing assets. Therefore, it enables faster workflows and quicker turnaround times.

In contrast, animation projects often require longer production schedules. Sometimes, they span months or even years due to the intricate techniques and detailed character development.


Motion graphics enhance existing content, effectively communicating information and captivating attention. While, the other one shines in storytelling, creating narratives and relatable characters.


Regarding motion graphics vs animation, these projects utilize various software tools to achieve their desired outcomes.

Motion graphics commonly employ Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, and Blender. On the other hand, animated CG projects may utilize more complex software in different stages of the 2D or 3D animation pipeline. Each software suite provides specific capabilities suited to the unique demands of these art forms.


One major difference between motion graphics and animation is production pipeline differentiation based on their complexities.

Motions are typically streamlined, from concept development to editing and final output. This simplified approach, coupled with the utilization of readily available assets, allows for efficient workflows and shorter production timelines.

In contrast, animated film projects often encompass a more complex pipeline involving character design, modeling, and rigging.


Motion Graphics






Less Range of Styles

Broader Spectrum of Styles





●      Explainer videos

●      Social media posts

●      Website graphics

●      Broadcast graphics

●      Animated films

●      TV shows

●      Commercials

●      Video games


Simpler Softwares

Professional and Complex Softwares




Motion Graphics

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