June 20, 2018
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June 20, 2018



VADAA is a 3D character, which has been crafted by Motion and Potion Animation Studio for VADAA 3D animated ads. This Character has been merchandised in different forms of toys, Printed on T-shirts, and even turned into NFTs. 

VADAA plays a crucial role in Yapi Kredi Bank’s marketing. As one of the first national banks in Turkey, Yapi Kredi offers great services to its customers through its world credit card. To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, Yapi Kredi uses VADAA to personalize its service and tailor its offers to the customers‘ needs. This enables Yapi Kredi to provide an improved customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


VADAA, 3D character from Yapi Kredi World Company, is one of the most popular mascots in Europe and Asia.

It was once just a cheeky little character in commercial videos. But we’ve crafted a titillating commercial series with helps of it adorable charm for Yapi Kredi Company and with captivating it viewers has spread like wildfire and become viral. 

Today this mischievous purple creature has taken the world by storm! It has become the face of Yapi Kredi, helping create a brand identity and recognition. In the last few years, Vadaa has become a phenomenon, appearing in merchandise, video games, and other forms of popular media.

VADAA 3D animated ads by motion and Potion Project

Production Steps

Our team at Motion and Potion Studio did the entire production process, including pre-production, production, and post-production except for the script. We had the honor of animating, VFXing, and composing for Yapi Kredi company’s advertisements afterward.

Motion and Potion Studio had the pleasure of working with a team of filming professionals during this production, and we have been working together since then.

VADAA 3D animated ads by motion and Potion Project