How is Animation Use in Advertising
How is Animation Use in Advertising
October 21, 2023
How Long Does it Take to Make a 2D Animation
How Long Does it Take to Make a 2D Animation
November 4, 2023

Animation in Advertising Examples

Ever seen one of those 3D ads on a billboard that feels like a car is falling on your head? Or a tiger is trying to get out of the screen and attack people on the street? If not in your town, I’m pretty sure you have watched these ads on social media; so let’s read about 3D animated ads and some examples

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What Is 3D Animation? And What is CGI?

3D animations are animations that are completely produced using computer software. These animations include all x, y, and z axes. 3D animation is presently known as the most common type of animation. 3D animation was originally used in video games, television, and filmmaking.

It is also called “CGI”, the abbreviation of “Computer-Generated Imagery”. In making this type of animation, the animator needs to create models for all objects and characters. After creating them, the models can be placed and moved anywhere in the environment like dolls. In this software, the animator can place the camera anywhere in the world and also create textures and lights. This will help the models feel more alive.

CGI can provide more realistic and basic artwork but limits creativity. Also, mistakes in 3D are more noticeable than in 2D. In order to create 3D animations, very powerful programs must be used. This software should cover all the manufacturer’s needs. Software such as Maya, Blender, 3D Studio Max, etc. are used in the production of 3D animation machines.

In simple words, it is a more complex type of animation and it’s certainly more pleasant on the eyes. Most modern animated movies such as Frozen and Toy Story are made in 3D style.

What is 3D Animation

Examples of 3D Billboard advertising

One way to reach our brilliant 3d animated advertisement to the eyes of audience is through billboards. Here is a list of some of these bold and attention grabbing ads.

1.Sports Car Advertisement By BMW
2. Amazon Prime: Wheel of Time
3. Nike 3D LED Display in Shinjuku Tokyo
4. Cat 3D LED Billboard in Tokyo
5. Piccadilly Circus 3D Billboard
6. House of Dragon Large Screen On Time Square
7. Milestrong Naked Eye 3D LED Advertising Board Digital Billboard
8. So Cute and Realistic Baby Tiger Makes People Happy
9. World’s first Robotic 3D Sign In New York’s Times Square for Coca-Cola
10. Unleashing Nostalgia: The Super Nintendo World™ 3D Billboard Spectacle
11. Wuhan Donde Tianyu – Lion 3D Naked Eye Billboard
12. Giant 3D Billboard In China,Wuhan Displays Astonishing Spaceship
13. VERSACE GRECA GODDES BAG – Amazing 3D Advertisement
14. Dustin Brown x YOOM DOOH Examples
15. Super Mario Bros Movie 3d Digital Billboard at New York
16. Google x Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 DOOH Advertisements
17. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes 3D DooH Campaigns
18. Wuhan Donde Tianyu – Lion 3D Naked Eye Billboard
19. Google x Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 DOOH Advertisements
20. Coca-Cola and the Girl Wearing Pearl Earrings

Examples of 3D Billboard advertising

Where Can We Display 3D Animated Commercial?

 One of the perks of animated ad is the cpossibility of publishing it on different platforms. This results in achieving more audience and a better result for the tradrsmakrk. Some of these platforms are listed below.

  • Search engine (Google Ads)
  • Applications
  • Social Networks
  • Websites
  • TV commercials
  • Billboard ads
Where Can We Display

Why 3D Advertisement?


  1. It gainss attention.
  2. It has the greatest effect on the viewer.
  3. It is memorable and beautiful.
  4. It highly increases the value of the brand.
  5. It has a reasonable amount compared to its influence.


As a conclusion, business holders are faced with plenty of options in order to promote their brand. Presenlty, one of these options is animation. It is modern, influential, memorable, and beautifully artistic. Animated ad can be published in different ways and on various platforms depending on the message of commercial

Why 3D Advertisement